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Game Types:
Base Capture: Setup
Establish two bases at opposing ends of your field and position a flag at each of these bases (hanging from a tree, on a flagpole, etc). Divide your group into two teams and position each team at a base. Make sure that both teams know where both flags are positioned and that the field boundaries are clearly defined. Before you begin, also establish a time limit for the game - twenty minutes usually is about right, but depending on the number of players it could be longer or shorter.
Assassins: Setup
Players stand in a circle with their cards that have their names and a description of what their wearing. Each player then passes their cards to the player to their left. A referee will tell the players to continue to pass cards to their left for a random amount of time. At that point, everyone takes the card in their hand and has one minute to hide throughout the field.
More game Variation
Bounty Hunters: Setup
The fugitive is given one minute to hide on the field and the bounty hunters all start together at the home base.
Necromancer: Setup
Teams are placed on opposite sides of the field. In the center of the field there's an air horn.
V.I.P.: Setup
A field and some players. You should have at least three players per team but you can play with more. More than about eight to ten players per team might be too many. © 2009 | 41501 S.R. 558 Leetonia, OH 44431 Telephone: +1 (330) 482-2224